Cuyana Davis Carter opnd shrpndPhilosophy and Values

In our own unique ways we seek to be understood. Among other things, we hope to be listened to and heard. It is my belief that therapy is one such place where this can happen. For this to occur, vulnerability, patience, honesty, and mutual trust are crucial. In addition to being heard, I believe that examining, questioning and potentially adjusting the ways we have learned to cope with the world can be a fruitful process. Though therapy can be difficult at times, commitment to the process can provide you with the rewards you seek.

I also want to acknowledge that much of who we are is a direct result of the relationships that we have with others and society at large, as well as the traumas we experience from interactions with oppressive systems. It is just as important to understand who we are as individuals as it is to understand - and at times, challenge - the impact that our families, our communities, and the roles we are placed in, have on our lives. I am committed to working with people in marginalized and undervalued communities, particularly queer and/or LGBTQIA people of color, to assist you with navigating this world.

Training and Experience

I am a master's level clinician with a degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Adler University in Chicago. During my time at Adler, I worked with counseling survivors of intimate partner violence; many of whom were dealing with complex trauma and were in crisis situations. Prior to that, I spent the last five years in Chicago working and volunteering with organizations and collectives that support people who hold several marginalized identities. This includes those who identify as refugees and immigrants, persons of color, LGBQ individuals, gender variant, transgender, and young people experiencing housing instability - understanding that often times these identities intersect. Because of this work, another population I am interested in welcoming into my practice include those who are members of activist movements.


There are times in life where we feel stuck; where we feel as though we are unable to move to where we desire to be. Therapy seeks to intervene at that “stuck” place. During our time together, we can discover patterns in relationships, thoughts, and actions. Patterns that, while they may have served a purpose in the past, may no longer be beneficial. Though there will be time to build rapport, my hope is that we work together to create an environment in which you feel the freedom to question, understand, and potentially define your authentic self - the self that you are at your core. In my practice, I provide gentle challenging, humor, creative interventions and non-judgemental support, so that we can work towards creating a fulfilling life.

Range of Focus
  • Individual therapy
  • Gender identity & sexual orientation exploration
  • Trans and gender variant -affirmative support
  • Racial identity development
  • Activist/organizing populations
  • Anxiety, stress and depression
  • Anger management
  • Self-esteem
  • Case management
  • Trauma-informed therapy
  • Intimate partner violence
  • Mindfulness
  • Emerging adulthood
  • Couple and other relationship structures
Degrees and Certifications

MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling – Adler University, 2016
BA in Psychology – Loyola University Maryland, 2011
*40-hour Domestic Violence Trained*

Office Hours:

Monday: 9am - 9pm (Uptown)
Tuesday: 12pm - 5pm (Belmont)
Wednesday: 12pm - 9pm (Downtown)
Friday: 9am - 9pm (Uptown)
Saturday: 9am - 5pm (Belmont)
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Contact Information
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4753 N Broadway, Suite 1034
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1300 W. Belmont, Suite 400
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30 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 508
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