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djohanningPhilosophy and Values

I love this quote from Frederich Buechner in Listening to Your Life: “Life...shapes us in all sorts of ways before it’s done, but those original selves which we were born with and which I believe we continue…to be no matter what, are selves which still echo with the holiness of their origin…”

My philosophy of counseling is founded on the belief that within each one of us resides this incredible beautiful soul, our true self, which because of the demands of our environment, we sometimes lose along the way. But Buechner continues, “This original self…is the most essential part of who we are and is buried deep in all of us as a source of wisdom and strength and healing…” I see my role as therapist as one in which I join with you, my client, to recover and uncover and discover this original self, and thereby greatly enhancing one’s life satisfaction.

Often, it is our emotional pain that invites us to seek counseling – addressing those issues that bring us in while also being an inner journey to sort through the layers of what is no longer working for us and to uncover what may be at the root of what troubles us. I believe that each person has a story – a life story – and that that story wants to be told, to be witnessed. To tell our stories is to honor them, to honor ourselves. And it is to open ourselves to finding meaning - our own life’s particular calling, meaningful work, meaningful relationships – an embracing of every aspect of our Selves.

This is an adventure filled with the full range of human emotions. We learn to befriend our fear with compassion; we discover wonder and courage. I believe we need companions on this journey – someone committed to his or her own journey, having gained some wisdom and in whom we can place our trust to walk with us on the road we are currently traveling. My desire is to be such a companion.

Training and Experience

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Health Education from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Trinity International University. My professional experience includes providing mental health services to individuals and groups in both inpatient and outpatient settings. I have a particular interest in healthy spirituality and in helping those who have been wounded in religious backgrounds that tell them they are not okay. I have also received additional training in Psychodrama, Dream work, Mindfulness and other Meditations, and Artistic Expression as modes of healing.

Range of Focus

Individuals and Groups
Depression and Mood Disorders
Affirmative Practice with LGBTQ Individuals
Grief, Bereavement and Loss Issues
Anxiety and Stress
Healthy Spirituality
Healing from Toxic Religious Systems
Creative Expressive Therapies
Dream Work
Emotional Resilience through Mindfulness
Post-Adoption Reunion Issues

Education and Licensure

Bachelor of Science - Community Health Education, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, 1983
Master of Arts - Counseling Psychology, Trinity International University, 1995
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor - Illinois Dept. of Financial and Professional Regulation, 1998

Saturdays, 8am- 12pm

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4753 N. Broadway, Suite 1034
Chicago, IL 60640

773-880-1310, ext. 7891


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773-880-1310 ext. 7891