| Consultation and Supervision

General Consultation

Many of our staff have training and expertise in specific areas of service delivery. Consultation is offered to individuals and agencies who wish to discuss current clinical and/or programmatic dilemmas to experts in the field. We are most frequently asked to provide consultation on the following topics:

  • Working with individuals impacted by violence/trauma
  • Working with vulnerable youth and families
  • Working with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals and their families

Consultation services may be offered only once, or in some instances, we provide on-going consultation to individuals and agencies either at Live Oak or on-site at another organization.


Our skilled clinicians routinely provide supervision to other professionals and students. For some professionals, supervision is provided to ensure the supervisee engages in effective practice while accumulating the hours necessary prior to taking an exam for licensure. Other times, we provide supervision in an on-going way to professionals who choose to receive external supervision to their private practices or supervision in addition to that which they receive in their place of employment. We provide individual and group supervision. We also contract with agencies to provide supervision at their sites.

For more information about Consultation or Supervision for you or your agency, contact Corina Mattson at