Where the Wild Things Are: Enhancing Resilience in LGBT Youth

By Jeff Levy

This is a transcript of the keynote address presented on September 24, 2006 at the Oregon Juvenile Department Director's Association Annual Conference.

Thank you for having me at this conference. It's an honor to be here, when I know there are so many other qualified people who...

Uncommon Wisdom

By Jeff Levy

Reprinted from In The Family Magazine, Volume 8, Number 4, Spring 2003, pp. 4-5.

Q: At work, a sales award was given to a heterosexual colleague even though I was the company's leader in sales this year. The annual award has always been based solely on sales numbers. I never came out at work, but...

Trauma, The Body, and LGBT Survivors: Reflections from the Sunday Morning Seminar Series Presentation

By Jeff Levy, LCSW

Reprinted from the Illinois Society for Clinical Social Work Newsletter, Summer 2008, pp.12-15.

Preface to the Article (excerpt from ISCSW Newsletter)
In November 2006, Jeff Levy presented a Sunday Morning Seminar for the Illinois Society of Clinical Social Work (ISCSW) on "Clinical Practice with...

Therapeutic Recreation in Residential Treatment: A Forgotten Frontier

By Jeff Levy

Reprinted from Illinois Parks and Recreation, January/February 1989, pp. 20-21.

Residential treatment for disturbed and/or delinquent youth is an often forgotten setting for therapeutic recreation service delivery. These residential treatment agencies, located throughout the state of Illinois (as well as around the country) serve thousands of children. These children...

Talking Back to Heterosexism: A Decade of Lessons Learned

By Jeff Levy

Reprinted from In The Family Magazine, Volume 10, Number 4, Spring 2005, pp. 6-8.

When we talk about homophobia and heterosexism in this country, we frequently think of how it manifests in the socio-political arena. Those words conjure images of self-righteous televangelists preaching that homosexuality is a "sin";

Surviving Abuse-and Taking Care of Yourself, Jeff Levy, LCSW gives strategies for healing

by Enid Vazquez

Reprinted from Positively Aware Magazine, June/July 2005

Studies from around the world, with both men and women, have found that sexual abuse leads to a greater risk of getting HIV.

Researchers and therapists say this happens for a number of reasons. For example, survivors...

Something To Tell You: The Road Families Travel When A Child Is Gay

By Bruce Koff and Gil Herdt

Even now, at the end of the twentieth century, many still have difficulty standing up and saying, "I am the parent of a gay child." Something to Tell Yourecounts the stories of families whose lives have been touched by the discovery...