WORKPLACE SUPPORT AND CONSULTATION | Clinical Consultation and Training

Clinical Consultation

Many of our staff have training and expertise in specific areas of service delivery. Consultation is offered to companies who wish to discuss current clinical and/or programmatic dilemmas to experts in the field. We are most frequently asked to provide consultation on the following topics:

  • Working with individuals impacted by violence/trauma
  • Working with vulnerable youth and families
  • Working with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals and their families

Consultation services may be offered only once, or in some instances, we provide on-going consultation at either at Live Oak or on-site at your organization.

Training Consultation

Based on three decades of experience, Live Oak provides consultation for agencies or private practices that want to create or deliver their own trainings. Live Oak professionals can help you create or enhance training/workshop planning, delivery, and evaluation skills including:

  • Topic selection
  • Incorporating current research
  • Designing experiential and learning activities
  • Developing workshop objectives
  • Understanding adult learners
  • Using humor constructively
  • Dealing with challenging participants
  • Evaluating workshop effectiveness
  • Videotaping/rehearsing workshops
  • Developing cohesive/relevant participant materials and handouts

Each training consultation is individually designed based on the specific needs of the agency or program. The final product may be a workshop, series of workshops, or enhanced workshop delivery skills that keep attendees interested and engaged.

On-Site Trainings

Live Oak trainers are available to conduct specific workshops and/or trainings at your site or location. Choose from existing workshops developed by Live Oak trainers, or work with a Live Oak trainer to discuss one specific to the unique needs of your practice, group or agency. Live Oak trainers work collaboratively with you to ensure every workshop is delivered in a manner that is appropriate for your needs. Topics that may be addressed include:

Trauma Informed Practice
LGBTQ Affirmative Practice
Trans Affirmative Practice
Creative, Expressive, and Body-Centered Therapies
Multicultural and Multisystemic Practice
Clinical Supervision
Multiple Identities and Intersectionality
Ethics and Ethical Practice
Insidious Trauma and Microaggressions
Human Development Across the Lifespan
Vicarious Trauma, Vicarious Resilience, and Compassion Fatigue
Training the Trainer

For more information about consultation or trainings, contact Corina Mattson at