While your business may have a crisis plan in place, sometimes plans tend to overlook the need to help support employees dealing with the psychological or emotional trauma that an emergency can create. Yet if your workforce is traumatized, the mental health of your organization could cripple your business.

At Live Oak we believe that trauma response should begin with having a plan in place. And then, in the event your organization experiences a traumatic event, Live Oak can help you act on that plan, including providing therapists who can provide on-site intervention for your staff members. Our services include:

  • Collaborating with executive staff to create a well-thought-out crisis plan
  • Providing a response team on site as necessary
  • Offering counseling and support services for affected employees
  • Providing training programs in trauma response and PTSD for leadership and HR professionals
  • Offering on-going consultation in the aftermath of a crisis

Traumatic events don’t always have to be large in scope to have a negative effect on your workplace. In fact, many different types of events can trigger a trauma response. Some of the more common events that might affect your employees and could require support include:

  • Natural disasters such as fires, floods, and weather events
  • Violence at the workplace
  • Illness or death of co-workers
  • National and international traumatic events
  • Workplace accidents and injuries

If you think your company might benefit from crisis planning or you need help with an intervention, contact Alison Mankowski at