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Hi, my name is Oluwabukola Adeyinka, but you can call me Bukky (pronounced "Boo-key"). There’s an African proverb that states, “you need many hands to make something work.” Through life’s journey, sometimes we find ourselves in deep pain or suffering. We may feel stuck, unmotivated, or completely hopeless. It may be the case that there are external things that we can do to change or circumstances; other times, we simply have to do the work of accepting what is out of our control. This African passage reminds me that throughout life’s most difficult times, what grounds us and sustains us are the intimate relationships in our life. As your clinician, it’s my goal to create a meaningful relationship with you that is sustaining as you walk through challenging seasons in your life.

​I began my journey as a clinician at the Family Institute at Northwestern University, where I completed my graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. During my training, I provided over 200 hours of therapy service to couples and families. Post-graduation, I continued my relational work in community settings; I’ve worked with mothers battling substance abuse, provided family therapy to biological parents who have lost their children to foster care, as well as the foster parents who receive these children. Working within complex family structures and systems provided me the opportunity to become well versed across therapeutic modalities: individual, couple, and family as well as complex trauma and issues of intersectionality.

To ensure that I am always meeting the needs of my clients, I utilize a strengths-based, relationally-based, trauma-focused integrative style. My specialty area includes: chronic anxiety and depression, issues around cultural/ethnic identity, interracial couples, and complex family dynamics. My hope is to assist you in building or tapping into the “many hands” in your community that can sustain you throughout your lifetime.

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