Oluwabukola “Bukky” Adeyinka Olufemi

Chief Operating Officer
Bukky Adeyinka Olufemi


773.880.1310 ext. 7624

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  • Human Resources Management & Compliance
  • Bookkeeping & Revenue Oversight
  • Site & Building Management
  • Operational Compliance & Oversight
  • Marketing Initiatives
  • Medical Records Management & Compliance
  • Community Outreach Initiatives


As the Chief Operating Officer, Bukky focuses on the long-term, macro vision of Live Oak including specific attention to organizational culture development, revenue and budget processes, human resources management and compliance, and adherence to professional licensure code of ethics. Day to day, Bukky leads the Operations Team including the Chief Programs Officer, Office Manager, and Bookkeeper to ensure that the operational health of Live Oak is expertly attended to.

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