Eliza Wangerin

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Bilingual Staff Psychotherapist
Eliza Wangerin



Works at Downtown, Lakeview, Roger's Park (Coming Soon)

773.880.1310 ext. 7295

English, Tagalog

Education & Training


  • LCPC 180.010832 Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation 2017


  • Jungian Analyst in Training, ISAP, Zurich 2016- to present
  • MA Community Counseling Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Argosy University,  Chicago 2013
  • BA in Psychology Guidance and Counseling 1980

  • Continuing Education Certificate, International School of Analytical Psychology, Zurich, Switzerland 2011
  • Jungian Summer Intensive Programme, Jung Institute, Zurich 1997-2001

Values & Philosophy

The word psychotherapy comes from the ancient Greek word “psyche” and “therapeia”. Psyche means soul, and the word therapeia, means healing.

Soul healing.

I look at psychotherapy as that: Soul Healing. That the soul is a healer and seeks healing. Some of us hear the soul’s cry for healing.  We experience it deeply and it is disorienting, and confusing. It might be that we are taken down a dark path which seems endless. We feel stuck, the world we live in no longer has answers, or the answer is not enough.  When I experienced such disorientation and darkness, I started to have many dreams that I could not understand. I came upon Carl Jung’s “Memories, Dreams, and Reflections” which changed my life forever. It started me on the journey in Jungian analysis, delving more deeply within, discovering the different parts of myself I did not know, and discovering new things in myself.

I believe as Jung did that the experience of darkness, in whatever form it may take, has a goal and a purpose which is wholeness, or a call to live one’s unique life. I offer companionship to the person who is called to take the inner journey, to guide, and to support. The inner journey also includes the outside life of family, work, and society, so that outside and inside may come together in relation with each other. I offer a safe container where the work of soul healing can happen. I work with dreams and the imagination where applicable. The soul speaks through images and symbols  that are  grounded in the person, in the here and now, grounded in where one is today.

Area of Focus & Specialization

  • Life Transitions (mid-life, aging)
  • Spirituality
  • Meaning of Life
  • Complex Family Dynamics
  • Family of Origin Concerns
  • Depression, Anxiety, & Stress
  • Immigrant/Refugee Adjustments

I work with…

  • Individuals (Adults)


  • Jungian Analytical Psychology (dream work, depth psychology)
  • LGBTQ Affirmative Practice
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Body-based Approaches
  • Psychodynamic Approaches

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