Misty Major

Clinical Director


 773.880.1310 ext.7630

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  • Clinical & Supervisory Team Management and Development
  • Clinical and Supervisory Framing
    • Facilitation of and Supervision of Live Therapy Sessions
  • Expectations for Ethical Documentation at Live Oak


As the Clinical Director, Misty focuses on managing and evolving clinical practice. Misty ensures that each clinician is in an ethical relationship to Live Oak’s mission, values, and focus areas (trauma-informed practice, LGBTQIA+ affirmative practice, intersectional practice). Misty works closely with the CEO and Director of Operations to ensure her framing continues to align with Live Oak’s vision and ever changing staff culture. A critical component of Misty’s role is supervisory development, consultation, and mentorship of all staff. However, Misty’s primary relationship to this is with our supervisors. Through her supervisory and clinical frame of accountability, love, and relationship with self, Misty takes the unique abilities of our supervisors and helps them evolve their supervisory and clinical practice, thus creating a trickle down effect to staff members who are encouraged and mentored to do the same.

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