Wei-Chiung Chen-Martinez

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, BC-DMT
Bilingual Staff Psychotherapist
Wei-Chiung Chen-Martinez



Works at Lakeview

773.880.1310 ext. 7623

English, 中文, 台語

Education & Training


  • LCPC, 180.011424, Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, 2017
  • BC-DMT, 1254, American Dance Therapy Association, 2017


  • MA, Columbia College Chicago, 2014
  • BSc, National Cheng-Chi University (Taiwan), 2005


  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Level I, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, 2018
  • Graduate Laban Certificate in Movement Analysis (GL-CMA), Columbia College Chicago, 2015

Values & Philosophy

I often invite my clients to attune to their bodies and learn how their bodies respond to the stories they are telling. Listen and attune to your body at this moment. Pay attention to your breath, posture, movement, or inner sensation while you are learning about me and my practice. As a dance/movement therapist and psychotherapist, I believe that our bodies hold wisdom to help us cope with stress and survive from trauma. Our bodies also hold blocked emotions that are/were triggered by the environment. At times, we may disagree with our own actions or reactions when our bodies and minds are disconnected. Perhaps, we may be troubled by internal conflicts due to our intersectionality, which may result in losing self-trust or confidence. Once we honor the wisdom from our own bodies, we are able to move toward acceptance, strength, love, and healing.

As an immigrant holding both privileged and oppressed identities, I respect one’s survival strategies, cultural identities, inner strengths, and creativity that shape one’s adaptation to the environment. Therefore, I intend to create a collaborative and individualized therapy process with my clients. In therapy, safety is the key to enter vulnerability. Safety building starts with establishing the new relationship between you and me. I encourage clients to slow down the process and be a mindful witness of their own emotions, thoughts, and kinesthetic reactions. The power of witnessing increases our emotional tolerance and self-regulation. In addition, I aim to support my clients to rediscover their self-love, self-compassion, and self-confidence while processing their lived experiences. When we find a more-balanced relationship with self, we are able to build stronger bonds with others.

I am a Taiwanese immigrant who identifies as pansexual and is currently in a heterosexual and interracial marriage with a multiracial child. I identify as a woman most of the time and at times, I don’t identify with any gender. I grew up with the strong influence of Taoism and Mother Nature. I value collective culture, the power of community, and the anti-racism work.

Area of Focus & Specialization

  • Trauma Processing
  • Body-Mind Connection
  • Relationship Challenges
  • Identity Exploration, Development, & Intersectionality
  • Multicultural Identities
  • Self-Empowerment, Self-Love, & Self-Compassion

I work with…

  • Individuals (Adults)


  • Dance/Movement Therapy
  • Body/Somatics-based
  • LGBTQ Affirmative Therapy
  • Strengths-based
  • Relational

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