Affiliate Psychotherapist (part-time)

Our Philosophy

We are a community of helping professionals working together to enhance the emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being of individuals, families, organizations, and communities. We believe the roots of a healthy life are integrity, authenticity, wholeness, and connection. Our longevity and success derive from the inspirational courage of our clients, our deep commitment to learning, and a strength-based philosophy that fosters growth strengthens identity and promotes change.

Our Values

One of the core values of Live Oak, and one upon which we were founded, is our belief in the value of difference. Consistent with this belief, we encourage the application of people of all colors, people of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds, people of all gender identities and expressions, people of all sexual/romantic attraction, people of any relational configuration, people of all abilities, people of all ages, people of all bodies, people of all military and non-military backgrounds, and people who hold and value multiple, complex, and intersecting identities.s.

About the Program

Live Oak’s Affiliate Psychotherapist Program began in 2016.  At the time, Live Oak aspired to create opportunities for experienced licensed individuals to experiment with paid clinical work, even when their careers had led them down primarily administrative tracks.  The majority of our Live Oak affiliates have held other full-time jobs and/or full-time life commitments.  The affiliate program is intended to meet those individuals who are looking to deepen their knowledge and skill in the areas of Trauma-Informed Practice, Intersectional Practice, and LGBTQIA++ Affirmative Practice.

Who is the Right Fit for the Program?

The ideal candidate for this program has robust life experience in or outside of the clinical world.  Those who have most enjoyed the affiliate program have come looking for a part-time clinical role that supplements their other primary life commitments.  Ideal candidates are looking to become trained into Live Oak’s core competencies via clinical supervision, monthly workshops (starting in July 2021), and collaboration with new colleagues. Candidates who are self-led and have experience navigating a variety of professional environments will be best suited for the Affiliate Program. 

Minimum Qualifications

Master’s degree in Social Work, Counseling, Couples/Family Therapy, Art Therapy, Dance/Movement Therapy, Music Therapy, or Master’s degree in a related field and RYT or CYT credential.

Full Clinical Licensure as an LCSW, LCPC, LMFT, or Licensed Clinical Psychologist within the state of Illinois.  Significant life experience will be considered as applicable for those who do not have full clinical licensure.

At least 7 years of working experience. Please note: Live Oak is committed to reducing barriers to employment by considering applicable experience such as any volunteer and/or paid work experience, both full-time and part-time in nature. Live Oak’s hiring team will also consider significant life experience prior to one’s graduate program as applicable to this requirement. For candidates for whom this applies, please include any explanation of volunteer vs. paid work experience as well as significant life experience within your cover letter. 

Demonstrated commitment to and experience in utilizing anti-racist and anti-oppressive frameworks within your relationships and work. 

  • Strong candidates will be able to articulate an understanding of anti-racist and anti-oppressive approaches to relationships. Additionally, strong candidates will have prior experience engaging in anti-racist and anti-oppressive frameworks as applied to organizational culture (e.g., peer-to-peer relationships, within supervisory relationships, etc.). 

Demonstrated commitment to and experience in applying frameworks related to:

    • Strong candidates will have demonstrated commitment to learning and applying frameworks that hold and affirm multiple, intersecting identities, especially at the intersections of sexuality, gender, race, culture, religion, class, and relational diversity (including polyamory and non-monogamy).
    • Strong candidates will have demonstrated experience in trans/GNC and non-binary affirmative practice.
    • Strong candidates will have demonstrated experience in and ability to articulate their personal approach to trauma-informed clinical practice. 
    • Strong candidates will have demonstrated expertise in a specific trauma-informed approach including, but not limited to: EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems, Narrative Therapy, Sex Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), etc. 
    • Strong candidates will have demonstrated experience in a specific creative/expressive approach including, but not limited to: Art Therapy, Dance/Movement Therapy, etc. 
    • Strong candidates will have demonstrated experience in employing a systemic and anti-oppressive approach to clinical practice with specific attention to race, power, and privilege within the therapeutic dynamic/relationship. 
    • Strong candidates will have demonstrated experience in and ability to practice from a clinical lens that incorporates a systemic understanding of any given client’s presenting concerns, relational dynamics between the therapist and client(s), etc. 

Excellent oral and written communication skills

Desirable Qualifications

  • Proficiency in more than one language (including English)
  • Advanced group experience


  • To provide individual, couples, family, and group psychotherapy (minimum of 7 contact hours weekly)
  • To attend select training events provided by the directors or other contractual employees of Live Oak, Inc.

  • To attend all designated community, consultation, and supervision meetings.
  • To complete designated paperwork in a timely and accurate manner, as identified by the Clinical Director

  • Participation in 12 consecutive monthly trainings as a part of the Foundations First Friday series, beginning July immediately following the start of the candidate’s tenure at Live Oak.

Developmental Opportunities

At Live Oak, all employees have the opportunity to engage in paid administrative projects and roles outside of assigned clinical responsibilities. For Affiliates, these projects are approved by the Affiliate supervisor and co-identified by the Affiliate supervisor and the Affiliate. 

Affiliates are provided opportunities (not guaranteed) to apply for employment throughout their tenure at Live Oak. With mutual agreement (Affiliate supervisor and Affiliate) Affiliates have the opportunity to be mentored into specific roles in alignment with their individual strengths. 


Year One Affiliate therapists are compensated 33% of their clinical receipts as documented by 10 pm on Sunday night of the week in which services were facilitated.


  •  Collaboration and consultation with experienced mentors
  • Weekly pair supervision
  • A working environment that values diversity and the strength that comes from difference
  • Attendance at any Live Oak sponsored training event at no cost, space allowing
  • User-friendly and comprehensive electronic health records system
  • Administrative support/Office manager support

To Apply

Please send a cover letter and resume to our Recruitment and Hiring Manager, Sakina Levin at