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Current Openings

Live Oak provides employees with a unique blend of clinical, administrative, training, consulting, and supervisory experiences. While each position has a particular emphasis, all people working at Live Oak are invited to contribute to and benefit from the blend of services we provide. In addition, we ask that all those applying for positions at Live Oak be committed to and demonstrate competence in the philosophical principles that guide our work. Please click here to read about our philosophy and values. If you are interested in what we believe, our values, and resources we’ve used to develop our framework, check out this link.

Commitments & Information


  • We are committed to a recruitment process that centers humanness, love, groth, joy, identity, self-interrogation, and learning as part of disrupting the influences of the oppressive systems we live within.
  • We are committed to creating a community that is grounded in celebration of the diversity of human experiences.
  • We commit to the practice of living into a world that does not yet exist.

For Your Information

We welcome you to share your pronouns with us.

Legal name (name listed on the state ID) is not required until/unless it is relevant for reference checks, and/or for employment eligibility verifications, and/or insurance enrollment, and/or confirmation of licensure.

Our facilities have available trans-inclusive bathrooms (non-gender identified bathrooms) with indicators of "with urinal" and "without urinal" for interviewees as well as all others who move through our 3rd floor space at 1300 W. Belmont.

Our Recruitment Team

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Blanca Cuyun


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Porter Green


Our staff selection process comprises four steps:

  1. An initial review of the candidate's cover letter, resume and written interview. Responses for the written interview may be submitted in a format most accessible and preferable to the candidate (written, audio, video);
  2. Recruitment team reviews candidate's application;
  3. Selected candidates will be invited to participate in panel interviews with Live Oak's hiring team;
  4. A final interview with Live Oak's COO and Director of Operations.

Reference checks will be performed prior to an offer of employment.