Pay It Forward

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Current Goal

Our first goal is to collect $2,000 in order to offer one free Psychological Testing battery to an individual who, due to marginalization (economic and otherwise) would not have access.

$50 of $2,000 Generously Contributed Towards our Current Goal

7% Complete

About the Initative

At Live Oak, our Pay It Forward initiative creates an opportunity for community members (staff members, clients, and those who love/support the work we do) to contribute to our effort/progress towards equity in care. We hope to make space for people to give when they have extra, knowing that they can make use of the program when needed.

Through this initiative, we intend to collect funds for specific services that can be hard to access within capitalism for both clinicians and for people looking to access support/services.

Our commitment is to make explicit the service that we are currently fundraising for, and to identify when that fundraising goal has been met. Once met, we will identify the next service that we are collecting funds for, and on and on.

We also commit to maintaining an accurate record of what services the funds were used for over time. This log will be updated at least twice per month so folks can follow our projects if desired.


Live Oak is a for profit organization. All of our employees are paid as a result of the fees collected for the services that are provided. This includes our clinicians as well as our administrative team. To date, our efforts at disrupting the dehumanizing effects of capitalism have primarily consisted of our clinicians all agreeing to hold a quarter of our caseload on the sliding scale. In this way, both clinicians and the organization have committed to reducing our potential income in honor of our commitment to ensuring greater access to the communities we live and work within.

We hope, with the Pay It Forward initiative, to create even broader access to services that are not widely available within capitalism. It is also our intention to ensure that staff members are paid well for offering these services while contributing to a more health and wellness centered world.