Graduate Intern

Sakina“Sing your song. Dance your dance. Tell your tale” –Frank McCourt, Angela’s Ashes

Philosophy and Values:

Therapy asks us to consider the importance of who writes our stories. Often, it feels like our story is being written for us — like we have little or no control over the pen used to write our story or the paper on which our story is written. Our story may feel ascribed by our religion, community, parents, a spouse, an employer, or society in general. Often, we blame ourselves and begin to deeply identify with these problematic narratives. We internalize what others tell us about who we are and how we are supposed to be. These messages may have led us to believe that we are stupid, unworthy or deserving of mistreatment — that we are failures or incapable of change. Sometimes, these experiences may be deeply private, difficult to talk about, embarrassing or distressing.

In therapy, we witness the transformational power of re-authoring our stories. It can be challenging to diverge from these paths that feel set in stone for us. In this process, we often hurt and lose ourselves. We often hurt and lose others. However, we also find who we want to be; who we feel we were meant to be. Although often filled with friction, this process of reclaiming pen and paper can be a deeply rewarding experience.

I use a narrative framework with clients to tease out myths, themes and patterns, and bring a new, rich and empowering narrative into their world. Through my own journey away from Islam, I bring personal experience in this struggle to build and maintain one's own identity. I bring personal experience in this struggle to build and maintain confidence in oneself — in one's choices, beliefs and preferences. I also bring an attentive ear and an open mind to hear what makes each client unique: their experience, journey, and goals. My counselling style is based in acceptance and compassion. I don’t pretend or aim to be an expert in a client’s life, nor in what is right or wrong. I aim to level with my clients and support them wholly.

Range of Focus:

Identity and Belonging
Questioning and leaving religion
Immigration, acculturation, and refugee experience
Self-esteem and confidence
Body image
Intimate Relationships
Divorce and separation
Families and couples
Children and adolescents
Recent or Childhood Trauma
Sexual assault
Loss, bereavement, and grief
Depressive symptoms, loss of motivation
Anxiety and stress
Professional Life
Interpersonal communication
Career changes

Multilingual therapy

Training and Experience:

I have worked in a variety of settings providing both one-on-one coaching and group training for personal and professional development. I have assisted war refugees as they adjust to life and work in a new setting. I have supported youth and long-term unemployed persons to integrate and thrive in the workplace. I have led professional development workshops and corporate team-building retreats. Having worked with a range of stakeholders across the US, UK and Tanzania, I am able to empathize with and provide support for clients from diverse backgrounds.

I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Clinical Psychology at Roosevelt University. I obtained a BA in Business Management from the University of Hull in the UK.

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