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Dulce Davalos


Staff Psychotherapist




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Values & Philosophy

As the full human that you are, you are the only expert in your story. I offer my knowledge and empathetic ear towards healing. I believe healing is rooted in our interconnectedness to ourselves, other humans and nature. Connecting to all of our parts within a therapeutic space can lead us to explore acceptance, vulnerability, and curiosity for our parts. I believe healthy relationships hold the potential to heal and liberate us.

As a Queer immigrant Latina, my personal journey continuously includes dismantling systems of oppression and recognizing the interconnectedness of personal struggles of these systems. I strive to explore your intersecting identities within yourself and your relationships and I am dedicated to working collaboratively with clients to navigate their paths towards empowerment, self-empathy, and resilience. As a Couple and Family Therapist, individuals in relationships long to feel loved, and yet feel so lonely and stuck at the same time. I use emotional vulnerability to guide my clients to soothe one another, transform the self, and be responsive towards one another.

Education & Training


Northeastern Illinois University, 2022

Areas of Focus & Specialization

  • Relationship Therapy
  • Interethnic/Intercultural relationships
  • Complex Family Dynamics
  • Family of Origin Concerns
  • Identity Exploration, Development, & Intersectionality
  • Depression, Anxiety, & Stress
  • Poly & Non-Monogamy Affirming Practice

I Work With

  • Relationships (triads, polycules, metamours, constellations, couples.)
  • Individuals
  • Families (chosen & family of origin)


  • LGBTQ Affirmative Practice
  • Decolonization Practice
  • Feminist Approaches
  • Emotion Focused Therapy/Attachment theory
  • Gottman Theory
  • Narrative Approach
  • Trauma Informed