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Sakina Levin


Licensed Professional Counselor

Multilingual Staff Therapist, Hiring & Recruitment Manager


773.880.1310 ext. 7895


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  • Clinical Talent Recruitment
  • Hiring Management (staff, affiliates, fellows, and interns)

Values & Philosophy

Therapy asks us to consider the importance of who writes our stories. Our story may feel ascribed to us by our religion, community, parents, a spouse, an employer, or society. Often, we begin to deeply identify with potentially problematic narratives. We internalize what others tell us about who we are and how we are supposed to be. These messages may lead us to believe we are unworthy or deserving of mistreatment; that we are failures or incapable of change. My therapy approach centers upon rewriting these narratives; seizing control of our lives, choices, and wellbeing.

A key focus area within my work is supporting survivors of religious trauma and other fundamental challenges to acceptance of authentic identity. For those of us harmed by religion, the rules put forth by religion feel as though they set our story in stone; stone reinforced by our family, community or what we may have believed to be our god.

In therapy, we witness the transformational power of re-authoring our stories. Although often filled with friction, this process of reclaiming pen and paper can be a deeply empowering experience. Together, we confront guilt, shame, isolation, rejection by family, excommunication by church or loss of a higher power or purpose.

Recovery from religious trauma is an important part of my own story. Through my own journey away from conservative Islam, I bring personal experience in this struggle to build and maintain confidence in oneself — in one’s choices, beliefs, and preferences.

My counseling style is based in acceptance and compassion. I bring an attentive ear and an open mind to hear what makes you unique. I don’t pretend or aim to be an expert in your life, nor in what is right or wrong. I aim to level with you and support you wholly.


Education & Training


LPC, 178.016305
Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation, 2020


Roosevelt University , 2018

University of Hull, 2009

Areas of Focus & Specialization

  • Religious Trauma/Questioning or Leaving Religion (Catholics, Jehova’s Witnesses, Mormons, Muslims, Jews, and all others)
  • Desi Family & Cultural Experience (including bilingual therapy in Gujarati and Urdu)
  • Life with Vitiligo
  • Depression, Anxiety, & Stress
  • Immigration and Acculturation
  • Identity Exploration, Development, & Intersectionality
  • Family of Origin Concerns
  • Loss, Bereavement, & Grief

I Work With

  • Individuals (Adults)


  • Culturally-Affirmative
  • Relational
  • Eclectic
  • LGBTQ Affirmative Practice
  • Feminist Approaches
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Psychodynamic Approaches
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Strength-Based
  • Trauma Focused
  • Existential