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Vesryn Grey, a white trans agender queer person, is leaning forward on a chair, right hand under their chin, smirking at the camera. Behind them is a blurred red brick wall and palm plant. They have a modern mullet, their hair being black and silver, with touches of purple in it. They are wearing silver hexagon glasses, purple eye makeup, and purple-ish lipstick. They have nostril, septum, and philtrum piercings. They have stretched lobes wherein they sport hanging bejeweled bee earrings. On their right wrist is a leather bracelet and they also wear a matching leather collar. They have on a v-necked black jumpsuit. On their arms is a multitude of tattoos.
  • Leadership & Admin

Vesryn Grey


Social Media Coordinator

Get Answers About

  • Transparency in our social media & blog posts
  • Live Oak’s commitment to accountability on digital platforms
  • Our strategic plan regarding the expansion of Live Oak into the social media sphere
  • Centering marginalized voices through engaging online content
  • Recognizing the importance of online communities & safe spaces
  • Any social media, tech, internet, or blog related questions!

Education & Training


BAS in Human Services
Colorado State University, 2021

AAS in Human Services
Hudson Valley Community College, 2011

Areas of Focus & Specialization

  • Anti-racist, intersectional feminism
  • Social justice & examining the ways in which we can dismantle white supremacy
  • Encouraging accountability culture & community through digital platforms
  • Creating an online presence that is actively accessible & welcoming
  • Cultivating trans-affirmative & LGBTQIA+ digital safe spaces
  • Building connection through diverse virtual means
  • Exploring Live Oak’s role, & our individual roles, in fostering a more inclusive world


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  • Digital outreach & workshops
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