Jacob Penrod

Graduate Intern
Jacob Penrod


They/Them & He/Him

Works at Lakeview

773.880.1310 ext. 7635


Education & Training


  • BA, Psychology (minor in LGBT Studies), University of Maryland, 2019
  • MA, Couple and Family Therapy, Adler University, Expected 2021

Values & Philosophy

I believe therapy serves two main functions: change and healing. Therapeutic change occurs when we take control of our lives and our stories. In therapy, I encourage you to incorporate your strengths into a larger conversation about who you are, who you want to be, and how you can get there. Change comes from transformation; healing comes from liberation. Therapy provides liberation from individual wounds; however, therapy must also be a space for healing and liberation from the effects of systemic oppression. With this in mind, I intentionally center your unique experiences so we can work together to explore the ways your mental health is affected by systems of power and oppression. I want to create a space where you can bring your full self, with all your complexities and intersecting identities, and feel welcome and safe as we work together toward change and healing.

I see therapy (whether individual or relational) as an inherently active and collaborative experience. You are the expert in your life; I merely provide you the space and the tools to create change and healing. My therapy is informed by a systemic, strengths-based approach meant to utilize the skills you already possess. I also draw on tenets of cognitive behavioral therapy to facilitate learning and strengthening of skills to create change in thoughts and actions. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Couples and Family Therapy, so my training has included working with individuals as well as couples, triads, families of origin, chosen families, D/s relationships, and many other relationship configurations.

My passion is working with LGBTQ+, kinky, and/or poly clients. As a non-binary queer person myself, I know what it is like to navigate a world wrought with cisheteronormative expectations. I have intentionally integrated my educational career with queer studies. While earning my bachelors in psychology, I minored in LGBT studies and was a member of Washington D.C.’s chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a drag activism organization. Since moving to Chicago, I have joined the Chicago Puppy Patrol and completed a 10-month internship at the Leather Archives and Museum. Further, I have taught classes on mindfulness and headspace at the Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend (CLAW), the largest annual kink educational conference. My desire to be a therapist stems from my friendships in these communities; I want to create a space for healing and change for those who feel overlooked and misunderstood.

Area of Focus & Specialization

  • Depression, Anxiety, and Stress
  • Complex Family Dynamics
  • Mindfulness
  • Poly & Non-Monogamy Affirming Practice
  • Kink Affirming Practice

I work with…

  • Individuals (Adults, Adolescents) 
  • Relationships (couples, triads, polycules, metamours, constellations, and more) 
  • Families (families of origin and chosen families)


  • LGBTQ+ Affirmative Practice
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Systems Theory Therapy
  • Humanistic Therapy

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