Live Oak is a community of diversely identified humans working together to transform the emotional, psychological and spiritual well being of individuals, families and communities

Services We Offer


In an often dehumanizing world, our therapists understand the courage it takes to begin the process of change. We are committed to practicing identity-centered, affirmative, trauma-informed services to individuals, relationships (triads, polycules, metamours, constellations, couples.), families (chosen and bio), and groups.

Clinical Trainings

We offer monthly trainings/workshops in our primary areas of expertise, which include trauma-informed practice, LGBTQ affirmative practice, and intersectional practice. View all of our upcoming trainings here.

Professional Development

Our team is committed to the development of future affirmative therapists through yearly graduate-level internships, postgraduate fellowships, supervision and clinical consultation for professionals of all experience levels.

Workplace Support

Looking to enhance the knowledge and expertise of your team? We partner with organizations to support their employees through training and clinical consultation.